Your Southern Italian hand-free equipment pasta course

What is SEMOLA?

A pasta course introduction to teach you the foundation of pasta making with no tools involved. This will help you to create authentic and delicious step-by-step pasta dough, shapes and pasta sauces just by using basic kitchen tools and ingredients, just like my Sicilian grandmas!

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This is for YOU if you are:

  • Complete beginners

    If you are a complete beginner, never cooked much before and now want to give it a go: this course will teach you how to use basic ingredients to create delicious, authentic Italian recipes - from scratch.
  • Amateur cook

    If you are an amateur cook and want to learn how to make fresh pasta from scratch with no special tools involved, this course is guaranteed to take your cooking skills to the next level - and impress your family and friends!
  • Develop new skills

    If you’re already familiar with cooking Italian food, this course will teach you new and authentic pasta skills, shapes and recipes you won’t easily find.


"Be just like Pasta: flexible, resilient and strong but also bit magic"

Alessandra was born and raised in Sicily to a very large family of artisans. She worked as a social worker and project manager for many years before retraining in 2014 as a cook, host and events organiser with Stokey Food Assembly and then Chuffed & Stuffed. Alessandra has been working professionally in food over the last 5 years while working as a self-employed and trained as a professional Pasta Maker in Italy, Padua and Bologna. After many years selling out delicious food experiences and workshops both in London, Italy and Lisbon, she is currently busy building e-learning courses and virtual online classes as well as providing consultancy for restaurants around the globe.

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Very easy indeed!

  1. You will recieve an e-mail with all the class information and access to the course
  2. You can learn, practice and cook you favorite fresh pasta dishes directly from your kitchen, voila’
  3. You gonna receive the contents by modules
  • 1


    You will learn all the essentials, including: how to set up your home pasta studio, what tools you need as well as what you can DIY from your home! We’ll also talk about health and safety (surfaces, tools and pasta environment!), how to manage your pasta dough (including how to store it), how to carefully dry your pasta leftovers; basically getting you started.

  • 2


    Choosing and understanding flours and when to use them can be tricky at the start. Here I will inform you all about the main flours, how we will use them as well as their differences.

  • 3


    You will learn how to make 3 delicious pasta dough recipes that you will use to make pasta shapes, and delicious pasta dishes with. This module will include the secret techniques to work your dough, to understand when the dough is ready, as well as resting and storing recipes including some of my grandma’s pasta tips.

  • 4


    From the most basic to the most advanced, you will learn how to make beautiful pasta shapes like lorighittas, trofie, capunti, strascinati, “macaroni cu firrettu”, busiate, etc. including the cooking time, storing and drying methods.

  • 5


    In this module you will get yourself and loved ones immersed in the Italian kitchen tasting the Southern Italian flavours. From Strascinati with rosemary and squid sauce to Malloreddus with creamy pumpkin and sicilian sausage, Trofie with tomato and almonds pesto and Baked pasta with macaroni cu firrettu, all recipes will include vegetarian and vegan suggestions.
  • 6


    In this module, you will learn how to make delicious no-pasta dishes (because they are made using the traditional pasta dough technique) from mixing the ingredients together to the completion of the dish. These are gnudi ricotta, crespelle pasta and pisarei made just with breadcrumbs.

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After booking your course you will:

  • Learn how to make your own pasta dough

  • Understand more about the ingredients and the right types of flour to use

  • Create fresh pasta shapes and Southern Italian flavours recipes

  • Make three non-traditional pasta shapes and dishes to wow your loved ones

  • Roll your dough like a proper sfoglina with just a rolling pin

  • Have more confidence about cooking and making fresh pasta


You will also receive these bonuses

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A gnocchi classic and stuffed video tutorial
(€250 value)

Procure a atualização mais recente nos próximos dias.

A Taste Of Italy E-book with more than 15 recipes
(€297 value)

O encontro de desenvolvedores de aplicativos incríveis

5 recipe cards for your beautiful pasta shapes
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This was such a wonderful experience. I especially liked the walk through the garden where we collected herbs. I plan to take this experience and build my knowledge of pasta to use in my own business. It was warm and like an afternoon with a good friend. We are excited for her growth. The passion she has for teaching and pasta will no doubt launch her toward her goals.

Richard, Dec 2019
John Doe

Alessandra was so amazing and knowledgeable about the culture. She made my sister and I feel so at home and welcomed. we got to experience shopping at the market like a local and walked through the city to a beautiful flat. During the class, She was so helpful and patient with our pasta making and help us prepare a wonderful and delicious dish. We had an amazing time and want to do it again!

Adrione, August 2019
John Doe
First off just want to say how charismatic and kind Alessandra when she greeted us. Made the whole experience that much more. The workshop was superb from start to finish. We started off using fresh and local ingredients from a farmers market. Once we got to Alessandras place, We dived straight into making of the dough and filling. The level of knowledge Alessandra brings to pasta making is just to the highest standards. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to learn making pasta.
Tai, Nov 2019

Alessandra was very attentive in making sure we had the right technique in forming and shaping the pasta. After we completed making the pasta, she showed us how to cook it in an amazing pesto sauce and local vegetables. Overall, the experience was absolutely incredible. The entire afternoon was filled with lots of information about pasta and the city of Lisbon and we shared great stories about her life before getting into teaching and cooking. Highly recommended!

Gena, July 2019

We head a great experience at the workshop! Alessandra is welcoming, interested in you as a person and she has the creaziest life stories and lessons to share. We loved the experience and are definitely going to try and make pasta by ourselve at home. It is shocking how easy it is to cook delicious with no machine involved and so little ingredients.

Marloe, Nov 2019
John Doe

Do you know the grandmother food that we all love? Well... Alessandra is this grandmother, but in a younger version. She is talented in the kitchen and has high empathy with people! Awesome experience

Arnon, June 2019

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How long do I have access to the course?

How does forever sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - plus you'll have access to any future updates and bonuses.

What if I am unhappy with the course? Can I get my money back?

I offer a 100% money back guarantee as long as you can show me you did the work, but got none of the results.

What format is the course content delivered in?

The course materials are shared as video content and transcripts - so whether you prefer to read, watch or listen, you'll be covered!

Will this course actually teach me how to understand flours and make pasta from scratch?

Yes! All the modules have been designed for you to learn all the basics around pasta making, understand the main flour differences, shape your own pasta and make delicious recipes. Of course, the more you practise the fast you'll see results.